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Album: Stereotyped (2007)

Song: thank you for nothing

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The band UEICKAP (pronounced exactly like wake up) was born in summer 2003 in Catania, Sicily, Italy from the union of Irene Fraccavento (vocals), Marco Garro (keyboards) and Davide Santo (bass); the line-up was completed later in 2003 with the addition of Francesco dAleo (drums) and Graziano Manuele (guitars). The musical background of each member of the band is very wide, from melodic rock to metal, from progressive rock to fusion. The purpose of the band was to create a hybrid style that mixes all the genres, experimenting and looking for the right sounds. The result is in the shape of a modern crossover style (a tight wall of sound) with the addiction of a sweet (but not too much) female voice.
In august 2004 UEICKAP produce their first mini-cd titled The Picture of Mr.Armchair, as a result of the studio activity in the first year: three tracks, one of which is presented in an unplugged live version, showing how the band likes to vary between different sounds, from metal power to the relaxed, intimate atmosphere of the acoustic dimension.
In march 2005 UEICKAP enter again their studio (UCK Home Studio) to totally self-produce the follow-up full-length, out in August 2005, Stereotyped: 13 tracks showing the progress and maturation of the band in another year, resulting in darker and more powerful songs than on the mini-cd, maintaining the melody and accessibility of modern crossover.
On June 10 2005 UEICKAP (with other Catania-based band NONE OF US) support the opening show of LINEA77s summer tour at Geco (Floridia, SR) presenting three of the new songs to be included in Stereotyped, with a full response from the audience.